Looking for a special item? Desperately need a particular service? Willing to get it, whether in your town or city or way beyond? Wanting to sell? Are you able to provide customers with a service? Want to achieve any of this on your smart device via an app that is smart, user-friendly and efficient? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Blue Trade is the classifieds app that is perfect for you. Blue Trade allows you to search a world of products and services with mere flicks and taps on your smart device.

Whether you wish to buy or sell a product, or whether you wish to offer or procure a service, Blue Trade is the app for you. The beauty of the app is that you can buy or offer something – anything – anywhere in the world to anyone anywhere else in the world. You can go as local or as international as you want. The creation of listings is done as simply as possible. Looking for products or services is simpler still, whereby search tags enable more efficient, focused searches. Other features ensure that using the Blue Trade app is a buying or selling experience that is simple, seamless and enjoyable. It is the least we can do for you, our valued user.

The mission statement for Blue Trade is clear: we wish to become the most used and sought after app for classified adverts in the world. And we know we can achieve that by means of the intelligent programming we provide and by offering an app that we know our customers will want and need. Welcome to Blue Trade – your classifieds app that goes beyond just the local, limited only by what you need or desire.